Ways You Can Help

There are a ton of ways you can help us at Skybacher Ministries Inc. so get your butt down here!


Thanks to the support of generous donors, Skybacher Ministries is able to operate and provide services for the local community. Every time you support us you help us to serve another child in many so many different ways.


You are why we exist!! It is very difficult to put a dollar value on volunteer time, you are priceless. By you helping you are providing support in a wide range of areas. You get to see firsthand the kind of impact you can have and we promise a very fulfilling and unforgettable experience. In a recent study 54% of people said volunteering helped them succeed on their jobs and their future. HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!


Why should you sponsor Skybacher?

  1. Exposure for your brand to the future group of consumers and their parents.
  2. Outstanding opportunities to network with new clients and potential partners.
  3. Good PR, supporting a worthy cause.
  4. Need I say more? Sponsor us Today!

Our Partners

Where we recognize those who support us

Wish List Donations

List of items we would like to purchase but do not have the resources to at this time. If you are able and willing to purchase one of these items in support of our programs please contact us.