Skybacher Sports

Sports for all seasons. Ministry at all times!

Pray & Play

Weekly sports and prayer outreach. In Him we live, move, and have our being!


Monthly tournaments for all ages from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Summer Camps

Six, week-long sports day camps. Putting faith and fun back in fundamentals.


After-school developmental basketball league and weekly Men’s Basketball League.


Welcome to Skybacher Sports!  We are passionate about sports and play while striving to bring back all that is good about both!  All of our programs seek to have and teach a healthy grasp of competition, teamwork, and self growth.  But that is only the sports aspect of our ministry.  More importantly, we use the avenue of sports to give students and young people a picture of who God has created them to be, that they were made by a creator, and are loved by Jesus Christ.  We do this through monthly sports tournaments, weekly sports outreach, after-school programs, summer sports camps, and more.  Please “Jump In” the game and see how Skybacher Ministries can serve you and your family today.


Jump Into the Game!


  • Good Sports – Promoting sportsmanship and healthy competition
  • Good Times – Providing a safe and encouraging environment for youth & families
  • Good News – Teaching the Gospel and Good News of Jesus Christ