Meet the Staff

 Team Owner

The Lord God Almighty

Creator of All Things

He is the one in charge!  The one whom without our team would not exist!  By Him all things were created!  The owner of Skybacher Ministries Inc.

General Manager

Executive Director

John Mohrbacher

Founded the organization in 2004 with a dream to help kids gain a picture of who God created them to be.  He has coached soccer and been in youth ministry over 20 years.  John is passionate about young people, sports, graphic arts, Chelsea FC, and the Steelers!

Head Coach

Administrative Director

Kristie Mohrbacher

Kristie is the person who keeps everything in operation for Skybacher.  She is passionate about raising her family, and seeing other families needs met. 

Offensive Coordinator

Director of Sports Outreach

Lindsay Shumate

Lindsay joined on staff full-time in November of 2015.  She has a business/marketing background and is passionate about mentoring young girls, fantasy baseball, and the Maryland Terrapins.

Player Development

Sports Ministry Associate

Garrett Mohrbacher

Garrett was a student who came up through the beginnings of Skybacher Ministries Inc.  Now he uses his gifts and talents to bring others the “Good News”.  Garrett is passionate about racing and basketball.


Marketing Advisor

Stephen Polite

Steve started out as one of our summer camp interns, and has continued to look for new ways to market Skybacher Ministries Inc. to the masses ever since.


Reminder of Our Purpose


First drawn in English Class in 1991, he became a picture of who God created our founder to be! Now he serves as reminder that we help others go find their “Skybacher” a picture of who God created them to be.