Building a dynasty is the hardest feat to accomplish in professional football. It takes strategic planning, strong leadership, a clear vision, and much more.

Skybacher Ministries believes that we are in the process of building our own dynasty – a dynasty whose legacy will last beyond our time and will impact the lives of generations to come. Our philosophy of “Good Sports. Good Times. Good News.” is intentionally geared at building and encouraging students to be all that God has created them to be.

But we need YOUR help! Our dynasty, like any successful football dynasty, takes more than a couple players. It takes an entire team that is dedicated to accomplishing one goal.

Your monthly recurring donation or one-time donation gains yards for the Skybacher team as we orchestrate touchdown drives for the history books. Although we pride ourselves on having good sportsmanship, this campaign is all about running up the score! The more donations given, the more yards we gain and the more touchdowns we score. And the more we score, the stronger our legacy will be.

So don’t be shy and bring your “A” game as we build the Skybacher Dynasty together!

The Playbook

A team is only as good as its playbook. Help us execute these plays to lay the building blocks for the Skybacher Dynasty!

60-Yard Bomb

Pledge to donate between $5-$10 per month to complete a huge play down the field!

Kickoff Return for a Touchdown

Pledge to donate between $11-$20 per month to return one to the house!

Hail Mary Touchdown

Pledge to donate $21 or more per month for a last minute, living on a prayer score!

Grinder Plays

Every one-time donation will help us score a touchdown! Each one-time donation will gain the same number of yards as dollars contributed.

Top Plays

Thanks to all of our teammates that supported the Skybacher Dynasty. As of February 22nd, 2017, we’ve received over $160 in monthly recurring donations and over $10,000 in one-time donations. Thanks to everyone below who supported  buiding the Skybacher dynasty!

Crognale Family
Darlene Muntean
DiNardo Family
Deal Family
Fessler Family
Gratopp Family
Hartman Family
Jennifer Tusick
Jim Murphy & Family
Larry & Lisa Brown

Luke and Stephanie Catherine
Lynn Brown

Martha Ann Simmons
Nicole Ashbaugh
Nick Mohrbacher
Rachel Jesiolkewic
Rebekah Schoy
Stephen Shumate & Family
Woolley Family