I was reading through the Christmas story and was thinking about how much I would have been like Zechariah and less like Mary.  See Zechariah was told that he would be given a son John the Baptist, and he said “Yeah right, have you seen how old I am?” (loose translation of Luke 1:18) Skeptic! and he was a priest.

I’m skeptical quite a bit.  I think the NFL is fixed, I think car mechanics pull a hose lose every time they work on my car, and I think Pringle chips are laced with some sort of drug.

But Mary when told similar news that she would deliver the Savior of the World was not skeptical at all she says, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord…” Luke 1:38.  This Christmas may we all be less Skeptic, and more Servant!!!

Broomball had 9 teams and lots of great action on the ice!  Sold Out would be the team that would conquer all others on the ice. We are grateful for the help form Brady’s Run Ice Arena and Geneva College to be able to pull off this event.

Finally we wrapped up Pray & Play for 2017 with our annual trip to Laser Storm.

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