The end of summer also means the beginning of a new school year, and another year of ministry.  This will be our 14th!! After our “More Than” Sports camp program ended we held our Annual Rubber Duck Derby Fundraiser.  Of course it rained heavily the night before New Sewickley Community days, and the creek did not reside in time for us to hold the race during the event.  No worries though, this wasn’t the first time that Mother Nature had not cooperated with our plans.  We were able to move the race to a Sunday before our annual trip to Fun Fore All.  In total we sent nearly 630 ducks down the stream!  Thank you to everyone who made it possible.  After the race finished we hopped on over to Fun Fore All for a night of go-karts, arcade games, and some last summer fun!  Pray & Play starts in September and the tournaments will start in October.  We will see you soon!

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