We have faced bitter cold temperatures, but we’ve tried hard to keep things warm at Skybacher Ministries Inc.  On February 12th we had our 5th Annual Someone Special Dance.  It was amazing time of parents/grandparents and kids interacting through various dance activities.  The newspaper dance, cha-cha slide, cupid shuffle, chicken dance, and of course the limbo!  Wow do the adults get into that limbo.  Marti Aiken Photography took pictures, and Chuck Speicher was once again the D.J.  With over 30 gift baskets if made for a great night for the over 200 that participated.  Thank you to all who made it possible.

On February 22nd we presented another Skybacher tradition, in the Great Big Group Date.  This was an event we started over 10 years ago to take away the pressures that teenagers feel to have a date on Valentine’s.  This year we went bowling at Baden Bowl, had pizza from Pizza Hut, and then went to the Beaver County YMCA where students swam, played walleyball, and basketball.  It was a truly a “Great Big” good time!

Finally at Pray & Play we have had great turnouts in spite of some nasty weather! We have been memorizing scripture and have related the story of Lazarus to gifts/things we have let die in our lives that need resurrected.  It was a great month!

This month we will host our annual basketball tournament that we are calling the 3-on-3 Slamrock – open to elementary all the way up to adults! Hope to see you there!

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