This has been one of the coldest winters in recent memory.  That didn’t stop us from hosting the 10th Annual Arctic Blast.  On Saturday 6 teams battled it out for the Arctic Blast Title and 2 large pizzas! The final saw the Undefeated Shocker Kings face off against the Skills That Kill.  The Shocker Kings would take home the title of the 10th Arctic Blast Champion…and some pizza! Along the way students were given a message on John 16:33 – things will not always go our way but take heart Jesus has overcome the world! Good News!

The next day 45 kids battled it out in a frenzy of dodgeball action!  The night went great and ended with a showdown against the parents!  A few parents unleashed some angry throws, but in the end everybody won!   A great night for all!

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