In the midst of 5 weeks of Sports Camps we somehow managed to squeeze in the Kickball Classic.  For the past 3 years we have joined up with students from the St. Elisabeth Parish of Philadelphia.  This year they brought nearly 40 students who joined up with other local kids to form 5 different kickball teams.  It was a beautiful night for kickball!  There were participants from age 5 to 21.  Big kicks, crazy outs, and a few home runs!  In the end 2 teams entered the championship game.  They had battled it out in the regular season and that game ended in a tie.  Surely someone would bring some separation in the championship game.  After 3 innings the game remained tied, so we went to an extra inning of only 2 outs.  Still tied so we went to another extra inning with the team accumulating the most total bases winning.  Both teams only managed 1 base.  Finally as the sun was setting and the bus full of  St. Elisabeth students was ready to pull out, we went to a single person kick off between two girls.  The person who kicked the ball the furthest would claim the title of champion.  The first kick rolled just outside the infield.  The next kick rolled nearly an identical distance.  Without a tape measure it was too close to call, and so the game was declared officially a tie! The first time we have ever had that happen is Skybacher Sports history!!  It all added up to an instant “Classic”!

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