skybacher dinner auction

10 Reasons Why

We just held our 4th Annual Dinner Auction.  This year’s theme was 10 reasons why!  As usual there was lots of great food and this year we had a table magician entertain everyone while they were waiting to eat.  After dinner our director briefly shared the 10 Reasons Why Skybacher Ministries needs support.  It turns out that it’s far more than 1o reasons as the huge picture bulletin boards became the focus of “The Reasons”.  If was a great way to celebrate our 10th year of ministry.  But we weren’t done there as our resident auctioneer Chuck Speicher took to the stage to auction off the items.  Hotel nights, and Penguins memorabilia went for great prices,  but there were other crazy items like a Star Wars Mr. Potato Head that surprised. It all helped us to raise the most money we’ve ever made at the Dinner Auction and helped us express what we are all about!  Thank you to all who made it possible.  The proceeds will go towards our summer camp program helping us to teach character, and change lives!.

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