Skybacher Ministries had it’s annual March celebration of basketball.  There were 3 teams in each of the divisions and a disappointing 2 teams in the oldest division.  That didn’t stop us from having a good time.  From winning free candy bars playing knockout, to free Gatorades from a half court shot, there was plenty of fun, and some great basketball!  In the elementary division the Reese Cups would win their bracket.  It was the NBA All-Stars who won the Jr. Division on a last second buzzer beater. Finally a team calling themselves “The Squad” won a best of 3 series to take home the Senior title.  At the break we talked about the most glorious sports moment of our short careers and read about Jesus glorious moment at the triumphal entry.  We closed things out with a trophy presentation and it all turned out to be a great event.


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