This past Saturday night Skybacher Ministries held it’s 2nd Annual Hidden Treasures Dinner Auction.  If you have yet to attend this event, the idea is that everyone brings a covered dish or dessert, and one item that has not been used, or slightly used from their house.  The food was amazing, and as everyone ate our auctioneer Chuck Speicher took attendees through a dinner mixer game.  After dinner everyone was treated to a brief slideshow displaying photos of the Skybacher Sports Camps and programs from the past year. Following the slide show the Director of Skybacher Ministries broke down just what Skybacher Ministries is all about – “giving students, children, and young people a picture of who God created them to be!”  It was all brought together by 3 items an iPhone, representing a young person’s world, a dodgeball representing the way Skybacher Ministries reaches out to kids, and a Bible which is what we hope to lead them to.  It all made for a powerful illustration of the mission of Skybacher Ministries Inc.

Once everyone received a picture of what the organization was about it was time to raise some funds.  There were a lot of amazing items sold throughout the night, ranging from angus beef to a painting of kids doing cannonballs in the pool.  The big item of the night was a book of baseball and basketball cards donated by John Mohrbacher.  The book went for $290! Wow!  It all added up to and incredible night and the awesome thing is that lives will continue to be changed through Skybacher Ministries through events like this.  Thank you to all who participated in, and made possible this event.

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