This past Saturday we finished up the 2011/2012 Skybacher Tournament Season with the Dodgeball Smackdown!  Five teams battled it out throughout the night.  In the end Team Blackout would narrowly escape with victory over Team Sha Boing Boing of Ohio U.P. Church, to take home the title.  There was tons of only a teeny bit of blood, lots of sweat, and very few tears.  At the break students were asked about their beliefs and were encourage to give their lives fully to God.  At least eight students made commitments that night, which brings us far greater joy than any dodgeball!

The next day it was the elementary and middle school’s turn.  We had 5 middle school teams and 3 elementary smash, duck, dive, and dodge.  A team called the Watermelon Panthers would take home the middle school title.  As is always the tradition, the night ended with a showdown of the parents vs. the kids.  The kids seemed to keep multiplying and the parents stood no chance.  It was another great night of Good Times, Good Sports, and Good News!!

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