The weekend went fast and we already kicked off our second week of Skybacher Sports Camps with some soccer! We couldn’t have DESIGNED a better day (today’s word was design)! Here’s how the morning went:

  • Over sixty-five kids came out for camp!!
  • Learned fundamental dribbling skills
  • Heard from Mobacca who taught us how to speak some Jamaican Patois (Irie!)
  • Split into age groups and worked on dribbling
  • Played sharks and minnows
  • Had some yummy goldfish for snack
  • Learned how God DESIGNED all of us
  • DESIGNED our own team flags and names. Some names included the Blue Chili Cheese Dogs, the Spanish Hail, and the Orange Bacon.
  • Played some games!
  • Finished up with freeze pops

Today was a great day! Tomorrow will be hot so don’t forget your water bottles! See you there!

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