We started out Day 2 of Flag Football camp with a little rain today. But then the sky cleared and we had a beautiful day to learn and to get STRONGER. Today’s All-Star Action was STRENGTH. Cranky D and L.O. arrived and challenged the campers to a push-up contest. One camper almost triumphed over L.O.! Some other highlights from the day include:

  • A game of Sharks and Minnows
  • Stations including: QB Challenge, Rushing the QB, punting, throwing, support/pair relay, L-drill, and a 40-yard dash. By the end of the stations, we had some pretty good athletes!
  • Goldfish for snack
  • Using STRENGTH to build team pyramids
  • Choosing team names. Some names included: the Red Rhinos, the Yellow Steelers, and the Blue Saints
  • Some good, competitive football games

What a blessing to be able to spend a morning being good sports, having good times, and hearing some good news!

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