This past Saturday Skybacher Ministries held it’s annual Flag Football Cereal Bowl.  It was a beautiful day for flag football!  The sun never stopped shining.  The morning kicked off with our elementary tournament.  Four teams; The Under Armour Kings, The Vikings, Panthers, and Exploding Bulls would battle it out for the Silver Cereal Bowl Trophy.  The the rumblin, stumblin, flag grabbin action was intense.  Each team had their share of amazing plays, but in the end the Under Armour Kings would narrowly defeat the Exploding Bulls to take home the title!

As things wrapped up with the elementary tournament, it was time for the High School tournament to begin. Once again four teams battled it out in hopes of being crowned the champs.  The sportsmanship was at an all-time high.  Players from all teams were encouraging others when an amazing play was made.  And, there were plenty of outstanding, amazing plays.  The only thing lacking the entire day might have been the defense, as there were a ton of points put up throughout the tournament.  In the end The Big Dawgs would edge out the Young Bucks for a the Cereal Bowl.  In the 3rd place game the Long Bombers would take a 1 point victory over the Punishers on a controversial call.

Great job to all!  The most amazing part of the day, was that we collected almost 40 boxes of cereal and gave out 36 Bibles. The message was that God’s word was sharper than a doubled-edged sword.  An amazing fall day of Good Sports, Good Times, and Truly GOOD NEWS!

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