Hey everyone!

We had a great K-2 Hangtime Monday evening with a little Dunk Contest starting off the night!!  Coaches and kids alike joined in the fun.  Our word of the week is Honor.  The ball handling and games have improved much over the weeks.  With one more day to go, we are looking forward to gettin to put on a great show for the parents for next Wednesday’s program!!


Hangtime for K-2, Monday March 8 will be from 3:30-5:00pm – parents can arrive at 5 to watch the kid’s games and have our closing program.

Grades 3 & 4 will be from 3:30-5:15pm on Wednesday, March 10 – parents can arrive at 5:15 to watch the kid’s games and have our 3rd & 4th closing program.  .  We plan to be done by 6 for families to head over to the Steelers/faculty game at the High School at 8:00!!!

Remember if you have Big Knob children – please send a note with your permission to stay after school.

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