We just got back from a wonderful time in Presque Isle. One of the best vacations that I can remember, and we needed it as our family had been wiped out for an entire month with the stomach flu. Everyone is doing fine now thankfully. The previous week I was at a camp in West Virginia running the recreation and games for a few churches. It felt so good to be back at camp. A little earlier in the summer we had what we called an Extreme Teen Week which was like a week of Vacation Bible School for the teens. It was so much fun! Our theme was Deal or No Deal and the kids had a great time playing and learning more about God’s Word. A few of them even memorized the verse in Proverbs 23:23 “Buy the truth and don’t sell it, also gain wisdom, discipline, and understanding.”

Other than that I’ve been working on some medical illustrations, and starting up soccer again. School is just around the corner. Yikes!!!!

Have a great rest of the summer.

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