After 9 years and 8 losing seasons the Freedom Girls Soccer team has put together a winning season, and with that they’ve made the playoffs!!! I can not believe it. I have coached Freedom Soccer for 9 years and we’ve never even come close to thinking about the playoffs, but this year was different and that’s where we are headed. It’s very exciting!!! Our first round game should be on Monday October 24th, tba.

Ty’s Soccer Team

Things with the family are going well. Julia is pulling herself up and crawling, Renae had her second birthday and is talking more and more each day (which I guess is a good thing) and Ty is adjusting well to pre-school, and he is doing really well at his first year in soccer.

Renae’s Birthday

Skybacher Ministries Inc. continues to move along. We are having Pray & Play every Sunday and continue to pull 15-20 kids a week. Kristie started a weekly girls Bible study, and at the end of the month we are having a flag football tournament.

Finally many of you know my sister Jill. She got married on September 25th. It was a beautiful country wedding. Congratulations Jillby & Sam!

Jill & Sam’s Wedding

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