Today is Nae’s birthday! It’s amazing how fast life goes by. Speaking of life flying by, it has been a while since I last updated this. Tyler is now 4, and Nae is 2. Julia is walking and did her first cartwheel. (just kidding on the latter), but she is crawling around.

I just started back to school as a substitute. Kristie has been trying to keep the house in order, and the kids have been trying to wreck it.

RenaeThings with Skybacher Ministries Inc. continue to grow each and every week. The Lord just keeps giving us contacts and young people he wants us to invest in. On the Sep 25th we are having a worship service, Oct 1 another dodgeball tournament, and Oct 29th a flag football tourney. Please keep these events in your prayers.I also am still coaching soccer this will be my ninth year and we are still hoping for our first winning season. We got off to a good start as we started out 3-0. Maybe this is the year!!!

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