Well, we had our Dodgeball Blast tournament on the 15th of January, and it was awesome!! The students that came out had a blast (literally). We had nearly 100 kids come out for the event, with 3 of the teams made up of kids not connected to any particular church, but just kids that John was able to talk to while substitute teaching, or kids who heard about it from other kids – that is so exciting!! John was able to give a quick message to the kids about living out their dreams, and shared some more about the ministry. We have received many positive e-mails from kids wanting to know when the next events are – God is so amazing!!
On the homefront, Babycakes is just a few weeks away…AAH!! We are looking forward to this new addition and all that God has for he/she. Please keep these last couple weeks in prayer.
We have the Great Big Group Date coming up Valentine’s weekend, and then Lazer Tag in March, so we should have lots to report in the coming weeks and months. Thanks for all the support!

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