Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and New Year. Ours was a lot of fun, but it went way too fast. We had a great turn out at the Broomball Tournament on the 17th. Six teams battled it out in the wee hours of the night, with Oak Hill Alliance taking the crown. It was a lot of fun. This weekend we are having the Skybacher Ministries Inc. Dodgeball Blast at Unionville Church. We should have a good group of kids coming out. My only disappointment is that the Steelers are playing during the tournament, and we actually lost a few teams because of that, but what can you do. I am finally done with the Toy’s R’ Us night shift, and have gotten back to some normal sleeping hours. I’m at school today (working hard as you can tell). Hopefully I will have some broomball and dodgeball pictures up soon. Later

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